A non-comprehensive list of local churches AAIVers attend

We believe

That it is very important for AAIVers to be plugged into a local church community. We have compiled a list of local churches to assist in finding one!

Key: Baker = Baker Flagpole, Donlon = Donlon Circle, Eddygate = Eddygate Parking Lot

Church Name Time Transportation Contact Person
Bethel Grove Bible Church 11:00 Shuttle Bus Karen Fang (kf288)
Christ Chapel 10:30 TCAT Route 70, Schwartz 10:05 get off at YMCA Virginia Hsu (vh86)
Emmaus Road 10:30 By foot (One World Room, Anabel Taylor Hall) Boyao Li (bl343)
First Ithaca Chinese Community Chruch 9:45 Shuttle (9:25 Donlon, 9:30 Baker, 9:33 Schwartz) Vanha Pham (vnp4)
Tabernacle Baptist Church 9:30 Shuttle (8:55 Donlon, 9:10 Eddygate, 9:15 Baker) Cindy Wu (cw628)
Vineyard Church of Ithaca 10:00 Shuttle or TCAT 70/72 Emma Wang (exw2)