Conferences, Celebrations, and More

Winter Felly Dessert 2016

Upcoming Events [Spring 2018]

New Student Events

Event Date Time Location
Free Hot Chocolate! 1/26 3:30pm-5pm 626 Thurston
Asian Dessert Night (Free!) 1/27 7PM-9:30PM Willard Straight Hall 414 (International Lounge)
Care Packaging 1/28 1PM-2:30PM RPCC 222
Game Night 1/28 8:30pm-10:30pm RPCC 1st Floor Lounges
Snowdown! 1/30 6PM-5:30PM CKB Quad
First Large Group 2/2 7:15PM-9:30PM RPCC 205

Spring Retreat [2/16-17]

Alumni Weekend [4/13-15]

Our annual Alumni Weekend where alumni can come back and connect with students on campus.

Pie in the Face [4/27]

Our annual pie-in-the-face fundraiser to raise money to support our chapter at the expense of our seniors and eboard members in order to send students to Basileia!