Small Groups

Amazing people. Explore Scripture. Every Weekday, Every Week.

The Rundown

While large groups give the opportunity to see everyone and hear from a speaker, small groups allows for a more intimate and personal enviornment to study scripture and learn from each other. Small groups are an intimate, tight-knit community of around 8-12 AAIVers who share life together through community, worship, and the study of God's word, the Bible. We welcome both those who are committed to the Christian faith as well as those who do not consider themselves Christian, but would like to learn more in an intellectual yet safe and friendly environment. This year, we will be going through the Paul's prison epistles: Ephesians, Phillipians, Colossians, and Philemon.

Often, small groups will get dinner together beforehand as a way to catch up with each other's weeks and support one another with whatever we may be going through. Once signed up for a small group, your small group leader will keep you updated with details!

We will have small groups every day from Monday through Thursday, located across all of Cornell, so we guarantee you can find one that fits your schedule! Sign up right here.

Spring 2018 Small Groups

North Campus and West Campus

Cynthia Istanto (cci2)
North // Mondays 7PM
Bill Tan (bt255)
North // Tuesdays 7PM
Marvin Ho (mbh99)
Highland // Wednesdays 7PM
Helen Kwon (hsk57)
North // Thursdays 7PM
Marisa Chang (mc992)
West // Tuesdays 7PM
Dan Wolfe (djw324)
West // Wednesdays 7:30PM

Central and Collegetown

Justin Bae (jsb423)
Central // Mondays 5PM
David Zhao (dfz8)
St.Lukes // Thursdays 5PM