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The Rundown

Overwhelmed by all the possible options for your freshman year fall semester? Confused by the pre-enolling set-up and your college requirements? Curious about what freshman dorms are *actually* like? Wondering what the best place to eat at Cornell is (or the best place to take naps) from an insider's point of view?? Ask all your pre-enroll questions to some current Cornellians from AAIV (Asian American InterVaristy) that want to welcome you onto campus in the best way possible, by letting you know what you're in for! Ask any question; nothing is off limits (although if we genuinely don't know the answer to something, we'll let you know). You can direct your answer to a specific person or not!

P.S. Scroll down to read some info about the Cornellians that are going to be answering your questions! Especially if you have a question about a specific major or topic.


Here are some of the people that will be answering your questions! Their names are also linked to their facebook profiles, so if you want to direct message them, feel free to also! Everyone is super excited to welcome y'all onto campus :)


Beau Si

"I'm Beau Si and I'm from Fayetteville, Arkansas (#WPS)! I'm a rising junior majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. For my freshman year, I lived in Court-Kay-Bauer (CKB). On campus, I am involved with AAIV, the Cornell Cup Robotics engineering project team, the Food Recovery Network, and I also tutored math and physics. I love playing tennis, eating chicken nuggets, and exploring all the nature around campus.

Ask me about: Arkansas, healthy habits/ pro tips, project teams, ECE, intramural basketball, food recovery, engineering, CKB, tutoring, chicken nuggets"


Dan Wolfe

"I'm Dan, I'm hoping you have a really awesome transition into Cornell! I am going to be a senior studying Mechanical Engineering in the fall (lol how am I this old already). I spend my time on campus with AAIV, the Cornell Rocketry Team, Rock Climbing, and hiking around campus and the Ithaca area! I grew up 45 minutes south of Ithaca, so I know the area pretty well if you're curious about it! (If you think Ithaca is a small town you should see where I'm from)

Ask me about: Engineering, Project Teams, Christian Groups (I know them all pretty well), Hiking/Outdoors Stuff, Ithaca, or Cooking!"


Helen Kwon

"Aloha! My name is Helen and I’m a senior Sociology major and pre-med in the College of Arts and Science. I currently live in Honolulu Hawaii, but grew up in Massachusetts for most of my life. Some activities that I’m involved with on campus are undergraduate research, Asian American Intervarsity (a christian fellowship), the Radical Age Movement (a national organization that supports the older generation and fights against age discrimination), and thesis writing!

If you have any questions about: joining undergraduate research (I’ve been a part of both molecular biology and psychology research), pre-med requirements, balancing pre-med with a humanities major, arts and science distributions/ fun classes to take in general, joining a college Christian group, small group bible studies, or finding a church in Ithaca please feel free to message me! (Or if you just want to chat!)"


Christopher Kartawira

"Heyo friends! My name's Chris Kartawira and I'm super excited you're joining us on campus this coming fall! I'm a rising sophomore from Cary, NC and I'm studying Mechanical engineering and hoping to minor in Aerospace. I absolutely love the different communities (like AAIV!) I get to be a part of on campus and would love to talk about em with ya if you're interested!

Ask me about: a capella, project teams, MechE/engineering, table tennis, guitar, fellowships"


Karen Luong

"Hi hi, my name is Karen Luong and I’m a rising senior majoring in plant sciences. I’m from a town in upstate NY that’s two Finger Lakes west of Ithaca (1.5 hr away by car). Last year, I transferred to Cornell from a community college. On campus I’m involved in AAIV, a professional agricultural sorority and the fungal fanatics club.

Ask me about: Upstate NY, the Finger Lakes, plant sciences major, CALS, being a transfer, adjusting to academic rigor."


Elizabeth Reigel

"Congrats, you made it :) My name is Elizabeth Reigel, I'm from State College, PA, and I'm a rising senior in the College of A&S studying chemistry and infectious disease biology. I do research in a biochem lab, and previously worked for Cornell dining. I'm a part of Cru, and go to Ithaca First Assembly on Sundays. I love singing, and am the president of Measureless A Cappella, so if you're thinking about singing at Cornell hit me up!

Ask me about: Chem and Bio classes, research labs, working, a cappella, JAM, churches/fellowships"


Marisa Chang

"Hello Hello!! First off, CONGRATS on getting into Cornell and welcome to the Big Red FAM!! My name is Marisa and I am currently a junior studying Industrial and Labor Relations guessed it, the ILR School!! I hail from the BEST coast (aka WEST COAST) and the BEST Cal (aka NorCal): San Jose, CA. On campus, I’m involved with AIESEC and AAIV. During my freshman year, I lived in the townhouses! Feel free to ask me about anything!! I’m always down to grab coffee/have lunch and meet new people! :) Once again, welcome to the fam! ️️️ "


Zining Chen

"Hi there friend! Welcome to Cornell! My name is Zining and I'm from Plano, TX. I'm an incoming senior triple majoring in Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science. On campus, I'm a computational genetics research assistant and a teaching assistant for genetics and organic chemistry. I'm also involved in Food Recovery Network and I'm a residential advisor in the McLLU dorm. If you want to chat about any of those, please message me! Ask me about: precision medicine (I'm applying to med school right now!), weightlifting/intermittent fasting/nutrition, life-changing podcasts, social justice, and living with a sense of urgency. If you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to reach out! I would love to get to know you and learn from you!!! 🙂"


Alan Hsiao

"Hayyo! My name is Alan Hsiao. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and I am a rising sophomore studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. At Cornell, I'm involved in Cornell Cup Robotics (engineering project team), undergraduate research in Space Systems Design, and AAIV. I absolutely LOVE nature and traveling. Can't wait to meet you all!

Ask me about: Engineering, traveling, photography, tennis, fencing, hammocking, sailing, drums/percussion"


Michelle Chen

"Hello! I'm Michelle, and I'm a rising senior studying Biology and Society (minoring in health policy and business). I'm from snowy Buffalo, NY, so Ithaca's winters are nothing to me. I transferred to Cornell my sophomore year, and I've lived on West Campus - Keeton House (BEST HOUSE) since. While it took some time to transition, I'm happy with my choice. On campus, I'm involved in undergraduate research, Claritas magazine, Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, E.Motion dance club, and AAIV.

Ask me about: dancing for beginners, undergraduate research, which Bio classes to avoid, Alpha Phi Omega/volunteering, West Campus/transferring, KPOP, best places to nap on campus, memes."


Jonathan Weng

"Welcome to Cornell :) My name is Jonathan Weng, and I'm a rising senior from Cincinnati, OH. I study biology in A&S with a concentration in molecular & cell biology, and I'm also a business minor. I'm currently applying to med schools, and I'm fairly involved with research and AAIV. Some of my other interests include violin, basketball (playing and watching the NBA), and theology. Feel free to hit me up with any questions—if I don't have the answer, I'll find it for you!—including but not limited to bio, pre-med, classes/pre-enroll, living at Cornell, Christian fellowships/churches, and Ohio."


Bill Tan

"Welcome to Cornell! My name is Bill Tan. I’m a Human Biology, Health and Society major in Human Ecology. I’m headed to my senior year now and thought it would be nice to help some of new students ease into life here at Cornell. So feel absolutely free to ask me questions about how to get involved in research, about dorms, about dining, about clubs, about pre-med classes, med school applications :O … anything really!

I hope that you’ll come to love being here; I certainly love it here a lot."


Grace Tan

"Hey! I'm Grace Tan and I was born in Indonesia and moved to Piscataway, NJ when I was like 2, and lived there till coming to Cornell. I'm an incoming sophomore intending to study Electrical Computer Engineering. I'm a part of SWE (Society of Women Engineers), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), and AAIV (Asian American InterVarsity). In my freshman year, I worked at Statler's Terrace salad bar and lived in Mews, playing piano whenever I could.

Ask me about: engineering life, ECE/CS, ENGRI 1620, CS and CHEM CASE/placement tests, SWE, fellowship hopping, working on campus, Mews life"


Ryan Kim

"Hello Class of 2022 and welcome to Cornell! My name is Ryan Kim and I am from NYC! I'm a senior studying Biology (Biochemistry) with a Concentration in Bio Stats. In my freshman year I lived in High Rise 5, but I've been an RA in Dickson since my sophomore year! On campus, I'm involved in undergraduate research, TAing for BIOG1445, Measureless A Cappella, and of course AAIV! There's definitely a lot that's probably going through your heads as the school year approaches (believe me, this summer is going by so fast!), so let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Ask me about: Dorming, Undergrad Research, BIOG1445, Christian A Cappella, PhD Life, Dining Recs, Biology Major in general, etc!"


Ryan Kim

"Yo! Welcome to Cornell! You're seeing this because you're reading a form someone sent you. Maybe you have some questions? Maybe you want to get input from a human being? Maybe you're bored? idk but maybe I can be of help¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "Hi! I'm Marvin, Bio-pre-med, from the Bay Area, CA, and I'm in Jameson."-Me, August 2015* I'm now a (wise and seasoned?) senior, majoring in Biology (Biochem concentration), and English (which I still haven't declared yet oops). At one point in time, I was in 20 clubs (which is also traditional for Cornelians), but now I spend my time doing research, reading (which is also technically research for humanities ppl), on a dance team (Assorted Aces) and in AAIV. The latter is something all the humans on this form share in common. I think that there's an unfortunate tendency at Cornell to sort people into boxes based on what they study, what clubs they're in, what year they are. I regard it as a unfortunately necessary evil (see above), but the essence of people escapes the grasp of language**. All this much to say (If you've read this far) I'm love to talk to you about anything, whether addressed in this intro or not. *(note: the rapid-fire delivery of name, major, location, and dorm was Cornell's traditional freshmen gathering in Fall 2015. Maybe it still is? It's been a while so don't take that for a fact) **This is an oversimplification, the precise and strict sense to which this is applied is outside the scope of this introduction "